New thinking, new methods

Devised by expert contract and dispute lawyers who believe that contemporary technology can resolve a number of difficulties when issuing and tracking staffing engagement contracts. In today's fast moving world, both accurate real time information and reliable compliance is critical to help you stay on top of the challenges that exist.

The goal - A system that captures evidence throughout the lifetime of a contract and provides a really useful information gathering, audit and compliance checking tool for finance directors, employment/recruitment administration and sales teams.


Information at your fingertips

Using state of the art technology, Proterms features include built-in consistency for contract creation and issue, statistics and detail instantly viewable, all activity recorded including who has created and issued terms, when, how many in a period, when terms were updated, who is the best performing user, and so on. In the event of a dispute the evidence is always there.


no more of this  

  • confusion over which terms to send or were sent
  • questions over to whom and when terms were sent
  • unnecessary cost for electronic signature software
  • lost time in chasing up recipients
  • lost time in tracking acceptance


to ensure an end to lost evidence

  • sent from a mobile phone
  • gone when the employee leaves
  • lost when the server crashes
  • hidden somewhere amongst everything else
  • deleted in error (or otherwise)




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